Neural Network Tools for Creating the Literary Texts Based on Transcribed Speech

Khramov, Oleg Stanislavovich
Senior Lecturer, the Humanities and Social Sciences Center, MIPT University, Moscow, Russia

Potemin, Alexey Pavlovich
Guidance Counselor, the Phystech-Lyceum’ E-learning Center, Moscow, Russia

The Russian language—like any other language in the world—consists of the two different linguistic practices: an everyday speech and literary texts. Each of these practices is specific: they are lexically and grammatically different. The using of the direct transcribed speech in literary texts is impossible: the literary editing is required.
This work focuses on the translating speech into literary text in automatic mode; we work with the neural network language model of the GPT 3.5—GPT 4.
Our tool has a range of perspective outcomes. Here and now, the authors are able to create a book based on the recordings of their lectures and talks.
The tool is easy to use: its potential will be demonstrated during the presentation; the audience will have all chances to test this technology.

Keywords: neural network technologies, literary text, live speech
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