Multimodal Model with Emotion Architecture Development: Trends and Prospects

Konson, Grigoriy Rafael’evich
D.Sc. (in Art History), D.Sc. (in Cultural Studies), Professor, Director of Humanities & Social Sciences Center—Chairman of the Expert Council on the Humanities and Social Sciences, Education, & Culture, MIPT University, Chief Research Fellow, Department for Scientific and Technical Data, GITR Film & Television School—Editor-in-Chief at The Art and Science of Television Journal, Moscow, Russia

Kostin, Anton Aleksandrovich
PhD in Philosophy, Assistant Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences Center, MIPT University, Research Fellow, Gamification Lab,Sber, Moscow, Russia

Malykh, Valentin Andreyevich
PhD in Engineering, Senior Research Fellow, MTS AI, Moscow, Russia

The report focuses on the trends and prospects for the multimodal model of emotional artificial intelligence.

The key points of the report are as follows:

  • Researching non-verbal communication and developing a concept of full non-verbal behavior for avatars.
  • Creating a universal applied system of emotional intelligence for avatar-agents that can be adapted to different service sectors.
  • Developing an emotional architecture for an artificial agent based on research in the field of psychophysiology.
  • Developing a prototype of a multimodal model for recognizing user emotions and an artificial agent that expresses emotions, understands, and appropriately responds to user emotions.

Keywords: non-verbal communication, emotion architecture, artificial agent
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