Technologies of the Trusted Artificial Intelligence: the Status & Prospects

Avetisyan, Harutyun Ishkhanovich
Director of the RAS Ivannikov Institute for System Programming (ISP RAS),
Head of the Joint Laboratory with Samsung, ISP RAS,
Head of NVIDIA Research Center at ISP RAS, Professor, Faculty of Management and Applied Mathematics, MIPT University, head Departments of System Programming, CMC MSU, MIPT University and the Faculty of Computer Science, HSE University, Academician the Russian Academy of Sciences, D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, Moscow, Russia

What is an Artificial Intelligence today? We will focus on its prospects and probable impact on society: how can be provided the medium term‘s vision based on the modern AI technologies' analysis?
To answer these questions, the talk will review the developments of the Research Center for Trusted Artificial Intelligence of the ISP RAS in its academic collaboration with leading companies and universities in Russia.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, security, technologies, trust
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