Artificial Intelligence in Transport: Reducing Accidents

Khrenkov, Alexander Vladimirovich
Director of Business Development, Antison (LLC Ksor), Partner of the Phystech Union

Yudin, Alexey Valerievich
Independent Expert on Transport Security

The current level of technical security makes it possible to use systems not only for security, but also for other business purposes, increasing the efficiency of technological and production processes. In particular, the systems that are installed on transport have the ability to transmit a large number of different data on the operation of vehicles (TS), and it is not always clear to the owners of the systems how to most effectively use the available array of information in a particular situation or process. Although it is enough to pay attention to a few simple factors when choosing equipment.

The number of incidents that are prevented with an integrated approach using AI: improving road safety, reducing the number of accidents and the severity of their consequences, reducing the number of dead and injured, saving human lives, as well as reducing material damage from accidents, including through continuous monitoring of the physiological condition of the driver of the vehicle through the introduction of AI integration of tachographs a new generation with the function of receiving and transmitting GSM/GPRS signals and technical devices of monitoring systems, monitoring and maintaining the health status of drivers on the road, ensuring the transfer of information to the control (supervisory) bodies.

The concept’s know-how:
1) centralized implementation of systems, provides control and monitoring of the quality of transport services provided and reduces the cost of vehicle operation;
2) a single interface for collecting and processing information and managing IT systems in transport;
3) predictive analytics on the driver. Objective monitoring and informing the driver about a potentially emergency situation;
4) Advanced driver assistance systems (Antison, ADAS).

Keywords: artificial intelligence, transport, road safety improvement, principles of providing emergency vehicle management
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