The Systemic Concept of Basic Cognitive Abilities

Ryzhov, Boris Nikolayevich
D.Sc. in Psychological, Professor of the Department of General and Practical Psychology at the Institute of Special Education and Psychology of the Moscow City University, Moscow, Russia.

Kazachkova, Alena Vyacheslavovna
Educational Psychologist, School No. 5, Balashikha, Moscow region, Russia

The report outlines the systemic concept of basic cognitive abilities, which is part of systems psychology—a modern psychological theory focused on the evidence base of discrete systemology. The main characteristics of systemic cognitive abilities are given. The methods for diagnosing systemic abilitiesare described. The two contrasting types of systemic cognitive abilities or types of mentality—versative and ingenitive are characterized, including the features of professional and social adaptation of representatives of these types.

Keywords: modern psychological theories, systems psychology, systemology, cognitive abilities, methods for diagnosing cognitive abilities, types of mentality, professional adaptation, social adaptation
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