Under the «Crystal Ceiling». Socialization Psychosomatics

Cheglova, Irina Alekseevna
Cand. Sci. in Medicine, Assistant Professor, Vice-President of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League

The development of models which are capable to explain the nature of suffering and principles of healing is one of the basic problems of psychotherapy. Explanatory models influence the worldview of both professionals and clients therefore lead to certain social consequences.
In the focal point of this report, the problem of psychosomatic breakdown lies: its is faced by highly gifted socially active individuals seeking help:

1. "Downed pilots" who lost their businesses or top positions in companies;
2. "Enthralled princes" who have high hopes but are unable to fulfill them.

Psychosomatic breakdown deprives them of the prospects of reaching the "design capacity" of their potential and forms a "crystal ceiling" on the way to their successful socialisation or resocialisation. The application of the currently widespread «trauma» model in these situations comes with and contributes to the primitivisation of thinking, the breakdown of family systems and the decline in birth rate.
This report attempts to provide an alternative practice-oriented model of psychosomatic breakdown and basic principles of psychotherapy based on the concept of individuation and principles of psychology of activity.edited
According to this model, psychosomatic breakdown is being caused by imprinting of a set of experiences and processes characteristic of the perinatal experience with their subsequent conditioned reflex fixation, viscerosomatic fixation and situational provocation. The genesis of a psychosomatic breakdown distinguishes three groups of factors: anatomical-physiological, sociocultural, and situational-psychological.
The practice-orientated psychotherapy is conducted on three levels—consolation (inventory control of personal resources), enlightenment (creating an explanatory model that justifies the inevitability of achieving an effect) and initiation (helping to realise the super-goal and develop a life strategy).
The timely diagnosis and correction of psychosomatic breakdown in gifted socially active people on a mass scale shall be considered contributive to the achievement of intellectual sovereignty and demographic security of the country.

Keywords: psycosomatics, trauma, individualisation, psychology of activity, perinatal experience, life storylines, deligitimisation syndrome

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