Strategies for Adapting Individuals and Society to the Risks of Social Media

Aseeva, Irina Aleksandrovna
D.Sс. in Philosophy, Professor, Philosophy and Sociology Department, the Southwest State University, Kursk, Russia

Modern social media have an extremely strong and constant influence on modern man, defining not only tactical goals and directing, and often manipulating behavior, but also forming a special space of his being. This environment can be represented as a special media ecosystem, located at the level of everyday human practices and information and socio-communicative spaces provided by new technologies. For all its stability, self-organization, relative security, the configuration of the media ecosystem itself is mobile and undergoes permanent changes, often, due to the dynamism of changes, quite dangerous. Accordingly, the purpose of the study is to identify and comment on emerging anthropo-media risks and socio-media risks and identify options for adaptation to this risky reality.

Keywords: digitalization, information and communication technologies, media ecosystem, anthropo-media risks, socio-media risks
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