Social and Cognitive Complexity of the Public Administration

Kornilovich, Vladimir Adamovich
D.Sc. in Sociology, Director and Scientific Supervisor of the State Strategic Management Program, the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow, Russia

The controllability of the processes of long-term development of society is associated with the problem of the adequacy of the model of public administration to social reality. The potential to overcome existing contradictions is largely determined by the presence of an explanatory theory, concepts of the social mechanism of transformation and development of society. What is required is scientific tools, information and analytical infrastructure capable of capturing new elements (collective subjects and phenomena), social and organizational forms that are formed in society in the process of social transformations.
The report will present the original concept of the societal system and the logic of adapting the structure, functions and methods of public strategic management, which sets a single object and logic for solving problems for multidisciplinary research.

Keywords: state and society, social processes’ management, cognitive science and sociology

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