Master Plan is a Modern Interdisciplinary Approach to the Urban Development

Furschik, Moisei Alexandrovich
PhD in Economics, Managing Partner of the Financial and Organizational Consulting Company, Head of the Expert Council on Industrial Policy of the RSPP Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation

Until recently, urban development planning in Russia was carried out in the form of incoherent documents, studies and projects in separate areas. Thus, The Strategy of Socio-Economic Development was developed by economists, The General Plan and other urban planning documentation—by architects and engineers, sociologists   their own research, IT specialists automated individual processes in a rather chaotic way, mathematicians created transport models, etc.
But now the ideology of master planning is becoming more popular. It implies that within the one project, comprehensive studies are carried out in all major areas of urban life with the involvement of experts in various fields. For example, sociologists identify the current needs and problems of citizens, on this basis economists develop a pool of investment projects. Architects give them a spatial reference (on the basis of the urban planning analysis that was previously carried out), and engineers work out issues of infrastructure support in these locations. Then the topic returns to economists who make consolidated financial and budgetary models, prioritize projects in order to achieve adequate resource provision. Moreover, in practice, many processes of such interdisciplinary planning are built not linearly, but in parallel and even iteratively.
The result of complex work is The Master plan. Itis a coordinated and comprehensive high-level document describing the prospective development of the city on the 7–15 years period. In this talk, we supposed to highlight the key elements of master planning and the main issues of interdisciplinary interaction in its development.

Keywords: master plan, urban planning analysis, spatial development, financial model, resource provision, urban infrastructure
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