Communication and Information Technologies in Assessing Social Processes in Regions: Opportunities and Prospects

Prokazina, Natalya Vasilievna
D.Sc. in Sociology, Professor, the Department of Sociology and Social Technologies, the Central Russian Institute of Management—the Branch of RANEPA,
Professor, Department of Sociology, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Modern communication and information technologies are one of the universal ways of organizing communication and information exchange. Today, the use of communication and information technologies to assess the activities of regional authorities is a relevant area of activity. It is communication and information technologies that increase the transparency and openness of government bodies, ensure the receipt of prompt feedback and the identification of regional problems.
A promising area for the use of communication and information technologies is the selection and improvement of modern methods for assessing social processes, including the use of machine learning and the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Keywords: communication and information technologies, social processes, performance assessment, methods for assessing social processes
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