Info-capsules as a Key Component of Today Political Internet Communication

Volodenkov, Sergey Vladimirovich
Doctor of Science in Political Sciences, Professor, the Public Policy Department, Academic Supervisor of the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies in Contemporary Politics Master’s Program, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Member of the Science Division, the Expert Council of the Commission of the State Council of the Russian Federation, Member of the Council at the Anti-terrorist Center of the CIS, Moscow, Russia

The report identifies key structural and content differences between communication processes in online and offline spaces. The author proposes the concept of information capsules as a structural component of mass political communication on the Internet, which allows to provide the necessary explanatory potential of contemporary mass political communication in the Internet space.
The report focuses on the thesis that in the context of active digitalization of social and political relations, the formation and maintenance of information capsules constructed by various political actors in the face of intense competition become an indispensable condition for ensuring the possibility of transferring stable meanings, values, and ideas to the mass consciousness. Without this, it is impossible to implement effective political management in contemporary states, the functioning parameters of which are increasingly dependent on the effectiveness of the use of modern information and communication Internet technologies.

Keywords: political communication, Internet space, information capsule, communication models, human consciousness, information picture of the world
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