Creative Industries: through Creativity and Technology – towards the Social Responsibility & Human Development

Ermak, Andrey Viktorovich
Minister of Culture and Tourism, Kaliningrad,Russian Federation

The report focuses on the Kaliningrad region’s creative industries, where, in addition to the development of the film industry, the game industry, IT and a number of other areas, these are represented by educational structures with the Schools of Creative Industries have been created/are being created:

1. 2020 – at the branch of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts: projects of immersive VR installation Dancing Forest, Entry point: Right Embankment, video guide Describe amber with your hands contribute to a conscious attitude to nature, the study of the urban environment through audiovisual experience, the development of students’ consciousness through the inclusiveness of practices.
2. 2022 – at the Gusev Children’s School of Arts: creative works related to practical activities in the field of creative industries, which are used by the A.M. Ivanov’s Gusev Museum, the business, tourism, & sports.
3. 2024 – to the Children’s Art School of Sovetsk.

The creation of such projects make it possible to position them as an effective means for developing the creative potential of Russian citizens and providing conditions for the upbringing of a harmoniously educated and socially responsible personality.

Keywords: creativity and technology, creative industries, Kaliningrad region, promising development
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