Synergetic Effects and Interdisciplinary Approach in the Development of a Model for Assessing the Regions' Innovation Activity

Belousova, Olga Mikhailovna
D.Sc. in Economics, Professor, Department of Urban Economics and Law for Real Estate,
the Moscow City Government University of Management

When developing a model for assessing the innovation activity of regions, the authors encountered a lack of reliable methods. The methods provided by several institutions for statistics and research had had disadvantages, including those related to uniformity and the inability to verify the reliability of the results obtained.
The authors developed a mathematical model that allowed to obtain new data on a small number of input parameters and to compile a rating of innovative activity of regions on this basis,
This rating was "cleared" of the personal opinions of expert assessments and was very different from the presented monotonous ratings of executive authorities, universities and other developments.

Keywords: network university, interdisciplinary research, new economy, innovation, state innovation policy
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