New Integrative Approaches in Oriental Studies: from Interdisciplinary Strategies to the Transdisciplinary Perspective

Aliqberov, Aliqber Kalabekovich
D.Sc. in History, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Oriental studies is a complex and multidisciplinary science that has a huge potential for interdisciplinary research. As part of Russia's "pragmatic turn" to the East, new transdisciplinary perspectives are also opening up before it. Being a problem-oriented strategy, transdisciplinarity makes it possible to study interdisciplinary connections at the level of system elements, i.e. at the level of immersion, and not the system itself, which already has its own description language and its own coordinate systems. The comparative method, indispensable in interdisciplinary research, is being replaced in transdisciplinary research by multidimensional statistics and relational methods that are more accurate for studying any types of interactions, raising the analysis of heterogeneous empirical material to the general information level. This means that transdisciplinarity is a way out of interdisciplinarity to a new level of knowledge integration, when not problems at the junction of two disciplines come to the fore, but a holistic and comprehensive view of the object of research within the framework of a common system of scientific knowledge.

Keywords: integrative approach, Oriental studies, interdisciplinary research, transdisciplinarity, relational methods
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