The Subjecthood Problem as a Focus of Interdisciplinarity

Tulchinskii, Grigorii Lvovich
D.Sc. in Philosophy, Professor, Department of Public Administration, HSE University — St. Petersburg Honored Researcher of Russia,
St. Petersburg, Russia
Two simultaneous, parallel trends are obvious in modern science. Firstly, there is differentiation, divergence, an institutionalized enclosure of disciplinarity. Secondly, it is integration, synthesis, which is expressed in inter-cross-disciplinary researches, concepts, approaches. Most often this is due to the possibilities of practical applications. Tracing the second trend allows us to identify larger-scale processes of focusing knowledge, deep methodological foundations for interdisciplinary synthesis and further development. The proposed message shows the role of the problem of subjectivity based on the philosophy of action, the practices of meaning-making and semiosis, and the development of modern communication technologies in digital format.

Keywords: communication, responsibility, action/deed, freedom, semiosis, subjectivity, digitalization
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