Innovative Biofeedback Technology Based on EEG and EMG Signs of Neuromuscular Activation in the Musicians’ Training

Petrenko, Tatiana Ivanovna
Professor, Piano Department, Military Institute of Conductors at the University named after Prince Alexander Nevsky, Member of the City Expert Council, the Department of Culture of Moscow Government, Laureate of International Competitions, Moscow, Russia

Malisova, Daria Vladimirovna
Associate Professor, Piano Department, Ural State Mussorgsky Conservatory, Laureate of International Competitions, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Bazanova, Olga Mikhailovna
D.Sc. in Biology, Chief Researcher, Laboratory of Biofeedback Computer Systems, Federal Research Center for Fundamental and Translational Medicine at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics, Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences Center, MIPT University, Novosibirsk – Moscow, Russia

In order to optimize the musical performance, we conducted the study of measurable individual psychophysiological signs of the musicians when they trained to achieve the best performing result. For this, the biofeedback technology of voluntary modification of the EEG and EMG alpha of forehead muscles were used in comparison with shame biofeedback during musical practice.
We describe how neurofeedback allows to combine psychological and pedagogical approaches with self-controlling of physiological indicators could be used in learning. Using feedback “from yourself”—your physiological functions that are not felt under normal conditions—muscle tension, and alpha brain activity—could help to build individual strategies for providing of musical performance skills.

Keywords: musician training, psycho-emotional stress, biofeedback, EEG alpha activity, forehead muscle EMG
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